A new competitor for Canadian grain

is becoming

Thanks for visiting CWB’s website! Effective immediately, please note the site will begin to reflect exciting changes for CWB. G3 Global Grain Group (G3), a newly established Canadian agribusiness based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, was named as the successful investor in CWB, and that investment transaction has now been completed. Moving forward, G3 is combining the assets and operations of CWB across Western and Central Canada with Bunge Canada’s grain holdings in Ontario and Quebec.

The finalization of this investment, initially announced in April 2015, completes CWB's transformation, and marks the introduction of the first new significant competitor for grain in the Western Canadian agriculture industry in decades.

G3 will operate the combined businesses under the name G3 Canada Limited. The process of renaming the assets acquired by G3 is underway, but is expected to take place over a multi-month transition period.

To learn more, we invite you to click here, to view media releases and an FAQ about the investment. For grain producers interested in the Farmer Equity Program (FEP), exciting new things are coming soon! Click here for a link to our FEP page, and check back often, as information will be updated in the weeks ahead.

Resources - From Wheat to Bread

Flour is produced by separating the endosperm from the other components of the wheat kernel and reducing it to a fine powder. Protein quantity and baking characteristics are important considerations in selecting wheat for bread flours. Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS) wheat is recognized as a premium wheat for bread production.

Wheat flour is unique among cereal flours. When mixed with water, the protein in flour forms gluten, creating an elastic dough capable of holding gas. Properly mixed, gluten produces desired loaf volume and crumb structure in baked bread.

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